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Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 04/13/10, from Atlanta, GA


Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 04/13/10, from Atlanta, GA

MATCH NUMBER ONE – De La Vega and The Vandal (accompanied by Oscar Worthy and Miss Quinn) versus The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams)

Trey and Vandal were in the ring first and locked up with Vandal putting Trey in a headlock. Trey countered with a back elbow and drop kick. Vandal immediately tagged in De La Vega who entered the ring and eyeraked Trey right out of the lock up. Trey got De La Vega back with some punches and tagged in Jon. Before exiting the ring, Trey lifted up De La Vega like a platform, and dropped him as Jon laid a leg drop on him from the top rope. Jon and Trey then proceeded to tag each other in an out to perform their suplex combo on De La Vega where Jon would suplex him, then Trey, then the double suplex. Jon found himself in a bit of trouble after chasing De La Vega out of the ring, then having De La Vega attack him upon reentering. De La Vega splashed Jon and put him in a sleeper hold. Vandal downed Jon with a side Russian leg sweep. Jon managed to tag a fresh Trey in who flew at the Avant Guard with clotheslines and back elbows. Trey punched De La Vega until he couldn’t withstand the Captain Morgan kick. Vandal broke up the kick, but Jon was waiting for him with a clothesline. Jon picked up De La Vega for a backcracker, and Trey finished him off with a cutter for the pinfall.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER ONE – The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) with a backcracker/cutter combination over De La Vega and The Vandal (accompanied by Oscar Worthy and Miss Quinn) via pinfall, Trey Williams pinning De La Vega

MATCH NUMBER TWO – Jay Fury versus Pandora

Before her match, Pandora simply said that gorillas were inferior to humans, and men were inferior to women, and with that she skipped into the ring. Fury grabbed her by the pigtails, and Pandora fought back with her forearms and a slap to Fury’s face. With one forearm from Fury, Pandora was knocked down, then Fury picked her up and body slammed her. Fury missed his clothesline and Pandora jumped on the opportunity with a flying head scissors and followed with a DDT. Pandora locked her legs over Fury’s shoulders, turned him over, and repeatedly slammed his face into the mat. Enraged, Fury picked up Pandora and dropped her over his knee with a back breaker, then stretched her over his knee. He then sat her on top of the top turnbuckle, Pandora fought him off as best as she could, but Fury was on a mission. He climbed the ropes, picked Pandora up, and hurled to the mat in a superplex. Pandora was motionless as Fury got the pinfall.

Goth entered the arena to say his peace to the fans. Suddenly Goth was in the ring, first Fury attacked from behind, then he was joined by his fellow Konkrete Gorilla, Nemesis. The locker room cleared out to break up the melee.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER TWO – Jay Fury with a superplex via pinfall over Pandora

The entrance for the Demi God, Mason was over the top with him stepping on his Witnesses to enter the ring. Mason spoke about how he downed the giant known as Geter. Upon hearing his name, Geter appeared to address Mason. Geter acknowledged the defeat he suffered at the hands of Mason. He announced that he would use that experience to grow and come back. He would come back and get break Mason’s neck.

MATCH NUMBER THREE –Brian Blaze versus Scott Steele

The big man, Scott Steele immediately pushed Brian Blaze into the corner then hip tossed him, followed by a shoulder tackle into the turnbuckle. Blaze was dazed, but countered with two hip tosses of his own, then took Steele down by shooting behind him. Blaze whipped Steele in to the corner, but when he went to charge, Steele leaped over him, flipped, then body slammed him. Steele worked over Blaze with a chinlock, and clotheslines, and shoulder tackles, and body slams. Blaze managed a comeback when Steele missed a clothesline, and Blaze caught him in a DDT, then laid him out with two of the biggest clotheslines in the federation. The two men met with a double clothesline, and Blaze dropped his “Wayback” elbow on Steele. Blaze kicked Steele in the face, but Steele pulled Blaze into the turnbuckle, and speared him for the final pinfall.

Michael Cannon called out to his former tag team partner, “Scotty” and was upset at the thought of being forgotten. Cannon claimed to still have love for Steele, but concluded his statement of how one “hurts the ones they love.” Cannon then bolted into the ring, but Steele ducked out of the way, and Cannon wound up taking out Brian Blaze!

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER THREE – Scott Steele with a spear via pinfall over Brian Blaze

Kurt Killgore jumped up and entered the ring for his non sanctioned match against Conscience. Killgore insisted that referee Duke Korey count out his opponent for being absent. As Killgore was celebrating his “victory,” Conscience appeared behind him and took him out with her chair. She quickly left the ring and grabbed Killgore’s chair and placed it between his legs. She swung with her chair and jammed his chair directly into his genitals. Killgore had to be carried out, and was then replaced by the Professor at the commentator’s table.

MATCH NUMBER FOUR – CAMPUS Blue versus Simon Sermon

After the CAMPUS Strike Force’s recorded message about choices and Simon Sermon making an immoral choice, Simon Sermon entered ready to take them down. CAMPUS Blue had a lot of wind up, but Sermon immediately flung him into the ropes, then kicked him in the head. After a series of furious punches, Sermon pulled CAMPUS Blue over to the post, left the ring, and wrapped CAMPUS Blue’s arm around the post. Sermon reentered the ring and slammed CAMPUS Blue’s head into various turnbuckles and let him fall to the ground. Sermon pulled his trunks down and placed his buttocks on CAMPUS Blue’s head! Sermon picked up CAMPUS Blue and slammed his head into the ground with his Manchester Driver for the pinfall.

Instantly the remaining CAMPUS Strike Force members stormed the ring and attacked Sermon. Warhorse Manager, Johnathon Davis Wynn led in the Warhorses to aide Sermon. Warhorse #2 picked up CAMPUS Blue, and Wynn knocked him back down. As the CAMPUS Strike Force gathered up their fallen comrade and retreated, Wynn warned that you don’t mess with the allies of the Warhorses, and this business will be finished this Friday at Academy Theatre.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER FOUR – Simon Sermon with the Manchester Driver via pinfall over CAMPUS Blue

NUMBER FIVE – The Phantom versus Najasism

Najasism and the Phantom began the match by shaking hands, but Phantom broke the contact with his foot. Phantom made the first offensive move getting Najasism in a headlock, but Najasism countered with a drop kick. Battle for control went back and forth throughout the match. Phantom would get a body scissors, Najasism would go for a moon sault. Phantom would go for a body slam, Najasism would go for a DDT. Najasism got Phantom in a leg lock submission, Phantom reversed it into a sunset flip. Najasism reversed it on Phantom, then Phantom reversed it again, then Najasism reversed. The hold was broken up Phantom grabbed onto the ropes then raked Najasism’s eyes. The two traded punches and kicks until Najasism grabbed Phantom and gave him his jawbreaker. Instead of going for the pin right away, Najasism climbed the ropes for a cannonball splash. Najasism got the pinfall and leads the best of seven series 1-0.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER FIVE – Najasism with a top rope cannonball splash via pinfall over Phantom

Oscar Worthy, the Avant Guard, and Miss Quinn presented “You’re Not Worthy.” Worthy at first studied wrestling for a movie role, but did not respect the sport. Now he is in love with professional wrestling, and wants to focus on making the Avant Guard the best wrestlers in PCW. The one thing holding them back, was Miss Quinn . She has one week to shape up or she’s fired.

MAIN EVENT MATCH NUMBER SIX – “Awesome” Austin Creed versus Champion “The Natural” Shane Marx for the Platinum Championship Wrestling World Title

“Awesome” Austin Creed praised his on superiority over the other wrestlers and fans and everyone else in the wrestling business. He hand picked Shane Marx to win the PCW World Heavyweight Title just so he could take it away. Creed locked up Shane Marx in a head lock and took him to the mat. Marx’s great flexibility allowed him to counter with a head scissors, but Creed got to the ropes forcing Marx to release him. Marx put Creed in an arm ringer, but Creed turned around and reversed the arm ringer on to Marx. Marx flipped, kipped up and put Creed in a hammer lock. Again, Creed forced the release by going to the ropes. Creed shot behind Marx and had him in a waist lock, but Marx countered and got Creed in a headlock. Creed maneuvered out of the hold, snapmared Marx, then kicked his back. Marx then pushed off of the ropes and drop kicked Creed. The two then ran the ropes and leap frogged over each other until Creed went low and swept Marx out from the legs and kicked him in the head. Marx retaliated with punches to Creed’s torso, but Creed flew off the ropes to shoulder tackle Marx. Marx was in trouble when Creed hit him with a back splash in the corner, then rammed his head into the turnbuckle, then leaped into the air for a huge fist drop on to Marx’s head. Marx managed to get a double under suplex, then bridged for what might have been the pin, but Creed punched his way out of the hold. Creed gave Marx a jawbreaker, but missed his clothesline and get a forearm to the face. Marx booted Creed in the face, but Creed met connected with his next clothesline. Creed wound up for another back splash, but Marx caught Creed midair in his Kata-Haji-Me hold. Creed tried to resist, but had to tap out!

WINNER OF MAIN EVENT – “The Natural” Shane Marx with the Kata-Haji-Me via tapout over “Awesome” Austin Creed

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