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Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 04/15/10


Results: Great Championship Wrestling, 04/15/10

- from GCW

The Event Thursday started unlike any other in the seven year history of Great Championship Wrestling. Bull Buchanan immediately came to the ring and staged a sit down strike, holding the show literally hostage, as he made one demand, clear and consistant: HE WANTS THE BUTCHER. Several members of GCW attempted to remove Bull from the ring , however Buchanan was firm that he wasn't leaving. Even the owner of GCW, Miss Diane, was given a stern warning of physical violence if she stepped into the ring without having a contract for him vs. The Butcher.

Johnny Swinger took exception to Buchanan holding up the show, and demanded he take his sissy strike to the highway, so that Swinger could wrestle a match, collect his money, and get out of Phenix City. This prompted GCW Commissioner (and manager of The Butcher), Princeton Gainey, to come out and affirm to everyone that The Butcher was not in attendance. He did however, have a solution. He immediately sanctioned a no dq match between Swinger and Buchanan, stating that if Buchanan wasn't going to leave the ring, he'd have a match in it.

Swinger and Buchanan, long time rivals, took the fight all over ringside, attacking each other with various weapons throughout the match. However the biggest weapon was wielded by The Butcher, who WAS in attendance, diving through the crowd, and cracking Buchanan in the back of the skull with his trademark chain. This would lead to Swinger picking up the pinfall victory, and The Butcher once again getting the upper hand on Buchanan.

As the show began officially, Kyle Matthews made quick work of Drew Adler, then told everyone in Phenix City that it's official; Stalker is gone from Great Championship Wrestling. Suddenly the lights went off, and the sound of thunder filled the arena, the lights flashing for a moment, before everything returned to normal. Whether it was Stalker, or simply a malfunction, was the question a very serious and shaken Matthews asked himself, as he left ringside.

Miss Diane came out and announced that if Butcher and Buchanan want to both act like animals, then she would treat them as such, by sanctioning the very first DOG COLLAR MATCH in the history of GCW, on May 6th at GCW MEGA MAYHEM. Diane wasn't done however, as she announced that while Princeton Gainey is contractually the GCW Commissioner, Gainey still answers to Miss Diane. Which means, if Gainey values his job, he must do whatever Miss Diane asks, or else be in breach of contract and thus, voided as Commissioner and having any authority. Diane announced that tonight, if Gainey valued that authority, then he would do as she says, and compete inside the ring, in a special match she'd sanction for later in the evening.

Up next was Ric King vs. the debuting Anthony Andrews. Andrews scored with some technical offense, however it was King who showcased the better submission skill, making Andrews tap out and making it clear that he's here to make an impact in GCW.

Princeton Gainey was forced to team with THE BUTCHER, to take on Jimmy the Kid & Eric Mayne, in a tag team attraction. While Kid & Mayne tried to keep the upperhand, Butcher was quick to dominate. However when Gainey was tagged in, Butcher found himself more then occupied. Bull Buchanan re-emerged from the locker room with his own steel chain, and wrapped it around the throat of The Butcher, dragging him all over the GCW arena! This left Gainey alone to fend for himself, and quick to fall victim to Eric Maynes reverse tombstone piledriver, and a pinfall victory for the Gym Class Heroes. The Conglomerate hit the ring quickly, however Kid and Mayne jumped into the crowd to celebrate with the fans who were going crazy, and escape with smiles on their faces as The Conglomerate scraped their fallen manager off the canvas.

The main event saw The Conglomerate, comprised of Murder One, Sal Rinauro, and Marvelous Michael Stevens, face Scott Steele, Mike Kross, and a mystery partner. All week speculation had been fierce as to whom would be crazy enough to jump into a war with the Conglomerate, however the answer was quickly answered as The Wrestling Hybrid, Orion Bishop (and Murder One's former tag team partner) made his way to the ring and stood alongside Steele and Kross.

The match itself was furious and filled with action. A tense staredown between Bishop and Murder let everyone know, that there is more bad blood between the two then originally speculated. In the end, Mike Kross hit the sliced bread on Marvelous Michael Stevens, however Sal Rinauro quickly rolled up kross, pulling his tights, and scoring the tainted 3 count. Post match antics saw Murder and Rinauro abandon Marvelous, as he fell victim to a huge spear by Orion Bishop, sending the fans home in a frenzy.

GCW announced 3 matches in total for May 6th MEGA MAYHEM event:


GCW INTERSTATE CHAMPIONSHIP: "Suicidal All Star" Mike Kross (c) Vs. Sal Rinauro;


GCW also announced that next week, April 22nd, Johnny Swinger will receive a championship match against Scott Steele. Swinger is rumored to have lobbied for this match, as repayment for taking care of Buchanan for Gainey at the start of the show this past week.

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